Retirement from thirty-five years of an exciting and rewarding career in the Hollywood film industry and entertainment non-profit sector finally allowed me time to relax and enjoy Southern California. I switched off the lights in my Beverly Hills office and relocated to beautiful San Diego where I enjoyed my newfound freedom and discovered that I had plenty of time to explore my passion of photography.

I dabbled around with my camera by focusing its lens on my proud United States Marine Corps foster-son and his Marine brothers at every brief opportunity we had together. Many of the candid and casual photos of his platoon buddies taken during liberty were often requested and sent home to their appreciative – and equally proud – parents, wives and girlfriends. A majority of these photos wound up on various internet social dating sites and profile pages – much to the benefit of the Marine posting them!


Over the past few years, I have amassed several thousands of formal, casual and candid photographs of The Few and The Proud. I am currently editing my collection down to a few – and proud – hundred outstanding photographs representing the elite of the United States Marine Corps. The collection will soon be published as a hardbound coffee table book and iBook / eBook – GODS OF WAR / Angels of Peace.

I am actively seeking additional Marines to be included in my book. Interested? I would like to hear from you TODAY! I am in the pre-final-edit stage before sending the book to the publisher. You'll receive your photos for your own use.

As I am only available for a very limited number of photo sessions, please contact me to schedule an appointment for a future shoot.

Semper Fidelis!

Jude Cooper